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“Why Scotty?”

… those were the words uttered in sheer disbelief by the father of a young, athletic college student after seeing his son lying helpless in a hospital bed.  Scotty had been spending the summer working at a Christian camp when the car in which he was riding was hit directly on the passenger side.  The accident left Scotty with a severe head injury and plummeted him into a 62-day coma.

Follow the Hunt Family through the days, weeks and months of Scotty’s painful rehabilitation, to his conquest in finishing the grueling Peachtree Road Race in downtown Atlanta, the completion of his degree at Bryan College, and securing a position in a full-time Christian ministry in Atlanta.  Why Scotty? is a true story of tragedy and continuing triumph in the life of a young man, his family and his friends – along with their abiding faith and trust in the Divine Providence of God!

Please visit the COPIN Ministries page to find out how to receive a copy of this book.

Comforting Other People in Need

We offer hope and comfort to those who have suffered injuries as well as their families.  Please visit the COPIN Ministries page to get more information about setting up a time for Scotty to visit you and your loved ones in the hospital or rehab center.banner2