Dad’s Story (Jim Hunt)

This is my story of the journey through Scott’s accident and his life today.

recovery13We received the call from one of Scott’s professors at college that Scott had been in an accident and that he was in a coma and paralyzed on the right side on August 1, 1985.  You could have knocked me over with a feather upon hearing that news.  Scott was always upbeat and happy child, and a pleasure to be around.

We immediately took off for the hospital and did not know what to expect as we had never been involved with someone in a coma.  Thinking like it is in the movies, we expected one day he would just wake up and everything would be okay.  We spent the next two weeks in Montgomery, Alabama watching everything – from watching his temperature go up dramatically to falling the same way.  It was touch and go for the two weeks.  We asked the doctor when did he think he would wake up and received the news that he might never wake up.

Scott did stabilize and we got the okay to transfer him to Atlanta.  That was good news to me as I thought that when we got him to Atlanta everything would be alright and they would be able to fix him.  Scott progressed in the next few months and we moved him into therapy.

There were many frustrations there as he became frustrated and did not believe he would ever be able to do anything again.  Walking was his big desire, and he worked hard to achieve that goal.  We would walk with him and hold him up by his belt if he started to fall.  All the other things just took time.

He advanced enough to go back to school at the University of Georgia with a tutor and receive his degree from Bryan College, his alma mater.  We had many frustrating setbacks through all this which are in the book.

Scott has kept the best attitude throughout all this in believing that God has a purpose in it all and that he left him here for a reason.  His ministry has enabled him to do this.  Thanks to all his contributors who make it possible.

The best thing that has happened is meeting his wife, Cathy, to whom he has been married for 16 years.  She is an active participant in all his ministerial duties.

Scott is full of love and we so thank the Lord for him and for giving him back to us.